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This course is a hands-on guide using video lessons, templates, and optional homework to help you build a professional dashboard that is perfect for your data needs. You will find your data, learn which exact pieces you want and how to show them in clear way so you can act on data insights, and share with the rest of your team. We will go over the best practices and theory so your dashboards are looking sharp and show meaningful insights.



Video lessons with a combination of slides and screen-share


We have some great templates and examples that you can use to copy our simple setups exactly.


We’re not going to set deadlines or grade your homework but it is here and it can really help you

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You are generating data all the time…  Crazy right? This is data on your adverts, your website traffic, etc. It can seem overwhelming. That’s one of the main aims of this course: to help you take small steps forward in understanding your data by teaching you to pull together data sources (e.g. Facebook Pixel and Mailchimp) for a simplified view.

Can you already see all of this in the analytics manager? Maybe some of it, but you certainly can’t see everything we’re going to be doing. None of the analytics views for a service (e.g. Pixel ‘s Analytics and Ad Manager) bring together multiple data sources. We will go through step-by-step how to bring in data, link data to each other, and create charts that say it all. At the end of this course, you will be confident in using the free Google Marketing tool Data Studio. The theory and the use of other visualisation software are the same in the other paid platforms.

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Absolutely. This course is for you. Data is getting bigger and more important, in fact so important that Facebook gives you an Analytics tab. We should all have the skills to use this platform wisely. Google Analytics too; everyone has a website and the traffic data is incredible when you know what it means.

  • Yes.  I’m using or want to use Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics
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  • Yes.  I am a beginner or have just begun working with my data and need extra skills

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  • Access to stream videos, download videos, templates and homework
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Is course conetnt available offline?

Absolutely. You can download any of it for offline viewing including the videos, and homework.

The templates are for Google Data Studio which is a online-only program, so you won’t be able to use them offline.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes! It’s a little more complicated with the service providers we have. At the moment you can pay $150 per month for 12 months and you will have access for 5 years. We’re working to get a lifetime solution and before the 5 years is up we will definitely have something done.

How long will it take to complete the course?

You can move as fast as you want with the modules that are live right now. Each module is between 20-40min of video and the homework shouldn’t take more than an hour per module. Once the full course is up, you could have it done and dusted in one weekend. as long as you don’t leave the house that weekend.

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