The Kit You Need Now!

customer graph kit

This kit is going to get you making graphs based on your customer and sales data and these graphs are going to show you a whole new side of your success.

What I have for you is a folder containing all of your favourite things! There are 2 videos showing you how to use the different parts of the kit and how to start using the free program Power BI to build graphs so fast!

Excel Templates

I have built a simple Excel template so you can easily copy your data across and use the template to build the graphs. It will help you to follow the steps if your spreadsheet looks exactly like it does in the videos and the template will help you get this looking top!

Excel Sample Data

I have included a spreadsheet with sample data so that if you don’t yet have your data or it needs a bit of work and you want to start right away then you have data at your fingertips.

Code and Links Sheet

This is a pdf which has the codes for some Excel cells and the link to get you to Power BI. This code makes it incredibly easy for you to copy it into your cells to add the advanced fields we need for our graphs. You can just copy and paste these straight into Excel.

Videos galore

Well I have two videos for you. I didn’t want it to be a super long learning situation and it is honestly a very easy process to get right. Video 1 goes through how to set up your Excel file and Video 2 takes that Excel sheet and makes beautiful graphs in Power BI.

Open up your kit!

Full Kit to Create Customer Graphs



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You will receive immediate access to all of the downloads to get started right away!

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