Facebook Ads Data Update

Facebook is making some changes to Ads data in October and these changes can affect your graphs and automation. Read on for a quick summary.

Facebook has announced some changes that are coming in during October 2019. These changes are about “optimizing metrics.” I think they will simplify some things, so that’s a good thing.

  1. 10 Second Video Metrics are going. All metrics to do with 10s video time points are going to be removed. That’s 10s video views, cost per 10s video view, and unique 10s video views. Thruplay optimization has been available since July and FB thinks it is a better candidate for these metrics.
  2. The words View and Watches are all being replaced with Plays.

Since these both affect the names of the metrics you have been tracking you need to keep an eye on your charts in external platforms (e.g. Google Data Studio). One day they will show 0 for these metrics because the name of the metric changed on FB’s side. Make sure you go to the data source and update it so the new metric names are available.

You will most likely also need to add these new metrics to your reports and dashboards to keep them going. Or you might just enjoy the change of pace from watching growth to watching some flat straight lines. Who knows?

If this sounds a little tricky and you need some help, come check out our FB page Build Smart Dashboards, or our website BuildSmartDashboards.com

P.S. Here’s the link to the Facebook announcement for all the details: https://business.facebook.com/business/help/metrics-removal


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