Do this before anything else! Please.

Setup your Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics code today

I help startups and small businesses with their data. I often come in at a time when things are starting to come together, the initial stress period is cooling off, and people want to see their efforts reflected in their data.

This is too late…

If you don’t set Facebook Pixel and Google analytics up today, then it’s too late. If you already have this set up, pat yourself on the back, and go have an ice-cream on the beach.

  • These tools are simple to set up
  • They collect the most important data
  • They can only collect data going forwards

If you have not, follow these links to do so and get cracking:

These pieces of code are incredibly easy to set up and once they are done correctly and tested, they will start measuring everything you’ve ever dreamed of. But they cannot measure backwards. They will only measure from today going forwards. This is why it’s usually too late when I come to help. Most often, the numbers in Facebook or Google Analytics pages aren’t the full story because the code isn’t set up at all.

So I start by setting up the code and the event tracking and then we have to wait for them to get some traffic to measure. Then we can only build the reports with the data we have now collected.

It is absolutely possible to download some data from Facebook on your ads from before your Pixel was set up. And of course you can make a dashboard about this. I do this for clients with important campaigns from pre-Pixel time. But these are going to be far inferior visuals compared to what you have going forwards with Pixel and Google Analytics running.

Lesson learnt? Please get your Analytics and Pixel code set up today!

If you’re dead keen on getting to know your data but this seems a little complicated or overwhelming, download our free ebook to find your first 3 graphs and get going here.

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