Dashboard Fun: Weekends are relaxing, no?

Hi 🙂

So this week Rob had to be up in Johannesburg for work and I had the week to myself. Naturally I thought I would have so many relaxing, me-time experiences and, oh boy, was I excited about the baths and nail polish and self love coming my way.

Unfortunately, my own damn nature got in the way, and I saw some deadlines looming and threw myself into my work harder than ever. Not good for self-love. I thought it would feel good to make a ton of progress. I thought I would be so proud of the effort and I would get to spend all weekend doing things I love. Although, yes, I do love data!

What actually happened after I had made a ton of progress was, my house was a mess and it made me sad to see it, I was unhappy with my eating habits while working like this AND I couldn’t actually dial it back when the weekend started so I just carried on working at the same pace. I clocked at least 16 hours of work this week.

😀 😀 😀

Here’s where the fun starts.

I really don’t want you getting depressed reading about my weekends.

I decided that this week’s fun dashboard #dashboardsarefun needs to show me how bad things have gotten when it comes to me working over the weekends. It needed to show me progress I was making towards doing things that usually mean I’m having a great time and re-energizing over the weekend. Things like having a glass of wine, reading a chapter of my book etc. I split these things into 2 categories: (1) Things that are measured in quantities like a tot of whiskey or a bath, and (2) things that are measured in time like social time with close friends, cooking with Rob, and watching movies.

The variables measured in quantities I displayed like a gauge, mostly because I love gauges at the top of a dashboard, but also they are simple ways to get back on track to relaxing. I thought about some good targets for these numbers and I think if I plan my weekends around achieving these targets I am in safe hands. The time-based variables I displayed as a clustered bar graph. I feel these variables should all be of a similar height. Time should not be spent in any of these manners in excess, and I honestly believe a little bit of work is a good thing.

Check out my dashboard below for the up-to-date stats.

As this goes to print, I am working way too hard and need to get those hours way down. Hopefully if you’re reading this in a few month’s time it doesn’t look so scary.

Happy week to you all.



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