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When you join Build Smart Dashboards we will work with you from the very beginning all the way to sharing your dashboard and the ongoing lifecycle.

12 Step-by-Step Modules

This course takes only 12 modules. I start right at the beginning to determine where your data might come from and what you want to be measuring. I will walk you through each decision and action with guidance on the tools I prefer as well as guidance on other tools you might prefer.  Once you have completed all twelve modules and the work associated with each module, you will have a live dashboard ready to be integrated with your team management to further your success.

Any data input

I can work with data in any format. Not to boast, but data is my thing. All we need to work out is how best to get it in a usable format for you. The majority of databases and data tools use a straight forward system and if it is more complicated than that, I will work with you until we have that data plugged into your dashboard.

No Data?

We will cover this right at the beginning. There is always data to be gathered. I will go over where it could be hiding and the easiest ways to collect it without it seeming like a pain. The advantages of using a dashboard to monitor your success will far outweigh the need to start collecting data if you have none.

What if I want to use Tableau etc?

It doesn’t matter which tool you will choose for data visualization. I will be taking you through the principals and steps of creating a smart dashboard. This course will cover operating all major data visualization software so you have the insight and skills to use whichever platform you choose. Or your company forces on you. I will also show you the best way to get around without spending any money on platforms and tools.

What support do I get?

Support, guidance, and access to a community of dashboard-ers like yourself is a huge bonus here. You will have direct email access to me and I will set up “office hour” Skype session to solve problems for the benefit of the whole group as well as for you. You will also get access to a private group for discussions, solutions, innovation, and trends. You will always have access to this group so the may come a time when you are the one posting innovation and trends before we know about them!

We’ll prepare you for take-off

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