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Hi! I’m Jess. A big data-loving nerd with a passion for helping small business owners understand and use their data to boost their business success. I just love a good data-driven success story.

New here?

I highly recommend keeping your data pipeline as free as possible, and it’s totally possible. I’d go for Google’s Marketing Suite. That’s going to use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio all of which have wonderful, free options. 

If you’re starting your data journey from scratch, you need to start with GA4. Make time as soon as you can to get it set up, then you can relax a little knowing your data is being collected. I have a course to help you understand GA4 to get the most out of it, once you have it set up.

If you have GA4 but want some extra functionality and more custom tracking, you want GA4. I have a course on that too.

And finally, when you;re ready to make your own dashboards to simplify your data touchpoints for every-day check-ins, you want Looker Studio

I post some tips and tricks to Instagram and Facebook. If you need to get stuck into your data and you have zero budget, have a good dig through my social content and you’ll be able to get pretty far.

On this site I run my courses. These are instant-access, on-demand video lessons showing you step-by-step how to do everything you need with GA4, Google Tag Manager, and Google’s Looker Studio.

If you’re really stuck, reach out and maybe all you need is a consultation session to get you through a particularly nasty problem. 


Small Business Setup with GA4

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You need GA4 setup yesterday. If you don’t have GA4 set up, you are losing data that you cannot get back. This 4-part mini-course is designed to get your GA4 setup right now so that Google Analytic starts collecting your data as soon as possible.

Google Tag Manager Beginner Course

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Google Tag Manager is the best way to add tracking tags to your site (i.e. Facebok Pixel, Pinterest Pixel, even GA4 itself). When you take this course you will learn the structure of GA4, best principles for tags, and how to implement basic custom tags based on your actual website needs. 

Why do I need Google Tag Manager?

Add Tag Manager to your website and then use it’s easy interface to add all the tags you can dream of. Facebook Pixel? Add it in Tag Manager. Google Analytics 4? Add it in Tag Manager. Pinterest Pixel? Add it in Tag Manager. 

This is the best way to get GA4 setup. If you use Tag Manager, you’re all set for future advancements and complex tracking. If you don’t use Tag Manager, well one day you will want something interesting that GA4 can’t handle alone… and you’ll have to come and get GTM anyway.

GTM allows you to build complex and intricate tracking scenarios which can be used to send data to any or all of your wonderful tags. This includes file downloads, page refreshes, phone calls, form completions. It’s got so much to offer to expand on Google Analytics’ functionality.

We are currently removing all GA3 (AKA Universal Analytics) mentions from our other course material and will release fresh lessons as they are completed. Thank you for your patience while we revamp.

ICYMI Universal Analytics won't work after July this year so best you get GA4 setup as soon as possible.